Ain’t This Some Bullshit...

Ain’t This Some Bullshit...

A friend of mine and I were randomly scrolling through #Instagram when she came upon this sexy ass pic of a cis-gender male and cis-gender female couple, her next response was “damn he’s fucking her good.” Legs pent back near her ears while his body pumped between her legs like a boy pumping water from an old school water-pump. In the same #orgasmic breath as him thrusting between her legs her hips were lifted from the surface winding against his.

#Pause - her movements synched with the talented hip gyration of #SOCA or #Carnival dancing embedded in the roots of civilization.

Belle’s Family take some time and google the origination of this dance form and why it literally started the sapien life form as we “know it.”

I took my time in describing this to you so you could visualize the #pleasure she was giving to him. She intermittently wrapped her legs around his waist while winding then suddenly dropping them gently to reposition herself. Two attractive body’s melded into one. Watching this deliciously #sexy AF session was only interrupted by my friends patriarchal comment “damn he’s fucking her good.”

It jarred my thoughts from the pure bliss they were in at watching this fuck session because both were actively performing well; he appeared to be having no more sexual technical skills than her! So what was this girl talking about. Why is it when we explain the demise of a male to female relationship we perceive the man left the woman or she’s the most hurt from the breakup. When we see male and female sex videos regardless of whose the top or bottom it’s the man who is doing the fucking. Why isn’t it she fucked him??? She gave him the business??? It was so good he lost his senses for a bit???

I immediately stopped her to #ask why did you say “he’s giving it to her good, why isn’t it she’s giving it to him?” The cat ate my friends #canary tongue because she was speechless, no witty comeback or even expression, to argue my question. She was quiet and did not think to previously challenge this mentality, in a “that’s what men do type of way.” We have to stop perpetuating this nonsense.

Both parties are capable of having consensual sex and presenting different skills to facilitate pleasure and it should not be viewed as he fucked her. Many #women are equally sexually competent and well aware of what it takes to perform climactic sexual acts (pun intended) so let’s please reverse this antiquated #culture of men taking something from women or that women are constantly the passive party.

How can we begin to breakdown the sex negative double standard of men taking something from women or that women are constantly the passive party? Ladies how can we stop this mentality that women are not participating parities too because we’re not these damsels in distress? What’s our short and long-term agenda? Set aside from the bullshit...We play this life game one time. Make audibles, throw bombs and keep your offense strong.

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