Raise Boys & Girls The Same.

Raise Boys & Girls The Same.

Normalize menstrual cycles early and ongoing in boys adolescence so women are not asked crazy questions like, “Why are you so upset right now?  Are you on your period or something?"

💎 Periods are occurring all of the time 365 days a year, holidays and twice on Sunday as my father used to say as an adolescent. When I reflect on my childhood I thank God for a progressive and understanding father that periods are shame-free and quite naturally a part of life. Oh and by the way it’s called a menstrual cycle. By way of cycle this means it is literally always going on. It does not stop. It is a pattern. 

💎 Let’s not reduce menstruating women to only emotion. Even if I am bleeding, why would you assume that is the only reason I am upset/angry/lethargic/sad/sex underwhelmed/ in any mood that you find unusual? My biological state could have nothing to do with my emotional well being at the time. Whenever a “guy” is upset, my first inclination is not, “Wow he must really need to get laid” nor is it, “Hey, he definitely has not taken a shit today because he is so uptight.” I am prone to think something has happened to you and your mood is a direct result of that.

💎 A menstrual cycle is something a lot of women experience. It is one of the most natural things and you are going to put us down for it? Make it seem negative? Why? Before answering further think over this. Menstruating is no easy task as most women shed the inner lining of their uterus which can lead to physical discomfort, which for some girls is a painful process. Pain is not based on punishment for being born female for you disgusting misogynist but, pain is possibly from the occurring biological process. 

💎 Each time a girl is asked this question it is as if she is the blame for having her cycle. This question is insulting for many reasons, because it makes it seem as though it is impossible for girls who subsequently, grow into women to have feelings unless they are at some emotionally heightened point of the month. Do we not understand how dehumanizing that is??? As if women are incapable of possessing any emotions, whether or not you think they are radical, unless we are menstruating. Boys that subsequently grow into men can have as many emotional outbursts as they want, and never be questioned about it. But if a woman has one, blame it on her period, right? No. Do not period shame under any circumstances. We are people too. Treat us as IF you know that! Comment below how do you talk to your children about menstruation? 

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