There Is Nothing Disgusting About It

There Is Nothing Disgusting About It

Food for Thought

Have you ever noticed during that time of the month ladies why you do not bleed the blue fluid displayed by television media? When was the last time those pesky prostaglandins rumbling in your pelvic area accompanied by diarrhea, pain, sweating, lighted headedness, nausea and other uncomfortable symptoms spilled baby blue or cerulean colored blood from your vagina? Oh that is right, because “she” (used as vaginal pronoun for blog purposes) does not. So why do companies that manufacture feminine hygiene products advertisers shy away from showing anything that resembles blood or other menstrual fluids? 

We give so much energy while on our cycle disguising our bloated bodies wearing dark colors as if to make ourselves disappear for 5 to 7 days. Then there is asking your wingman of a best friend to check the back of your pants 😂 irregardless of what hygiene product you use. No wonder we do not like to “get busy” on cycle (period). Stigma demonstrated by mainstream media perpetuates this self doubt not using anything that resembles blood or blood products or honoring the emotional labor experienced at this time. 

We are are still sexual beings who like to fuck, of course with a towel down (some say to use a dark towel I recommend lighter colors in case you need to spot clean before washing). If the towel dies, it dies 🤷🏽‍♀️ but, being on my cycle does not disqualify me into abstinence because of the stigma that it is disgusting, inappropriate, dangerous or shameful. Fuck brakes, run those red lights ladies! Comment below with your thoughts on sex while on your cycle?

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